May 16, 2020

AFPod #10 – HUSTLE-2 & HUSTLE-3

Hi, Arn here. We spent 90 minutes talking about HUSTLE because why the fuck not?





00:00: Intro

04:00: HUSTLE-2 (including discussion over existentialism in wrestling storylines re: Ogawa’s “I’m chicken” t-shirt)

22:30: Deconstructing the booking of the first three shows

29:00: Kaz Hayashi

37:00: Mascarita Sagrada

43:30: “Do the Hustle”

48:00: Dusty Rhodes vs. Steve Corino

52:30: The End of the Zebraman Era

61:45: Wataru Sakata

67:00: FMW Thunderbirds Countdown Offer Match

71:00: “What is this Joe Son thing?”

79:15: Kawada vs. Foley

84:30: Outsiders vs. Hashimoto & Ogawa

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