January 1, 2020

AFPod #4: Wrestler of the Year Edition

Hi, year end awards time! It’s Arn here (@ArnoldFurious) and I recorded this with Aqeel (@AqeelK94). At some point the recoding equipment had a little blip and stopped recording. However I cannot seem to find that part in order to edit the ‘umming’ out. So if you run into that…sorry! Blame recording devices. Here are the time stamps.


00.00: The Year Has Ended

01:00: Wrestler of the Year (Will Ospreay)

16:00: Wrestler of the Year (Shingo Takagi)

21:00: Wrestler of the Year (Kento Miyahara)

28:00: Wrestler of the Year (David Starr)

41:00: Wrestler of the Year (Misc.)

44:00: Match of the Year

58:00: The match where Jimmy Lloyd thought he was about to die

60:00: Slagging off NXT UK

63:30: Promotion of the Year

71:00: Cara Noir getting thrown into the wall at the ResGal

72:00: ZONA 23




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