March 31, 2023

Circle 6: The Round Up (3.31.23)

Circle 6: The Round Up 


March 31, 2023 



Jake Crist’s Firestarters 


I had this on while watching another show but I think I got the gist of it.  


Sonico vs. Mr Iguana 

I am officially a Mr Iguana mark. All the stuff with Yezka landed for me. Sonico is an asshole for ruining the bit. Mr Iguana played dead then got planted with a DDT. This was fine and short. My favourite kind of wrestling.  


Adam Brooks vs. Tyler Bateman 

Still confused as to why neither of these guys were booked by GCW this evening. Especially considering how bad the GCW show ended up being. This looked really good but I completely missed the finish. Apparently Bateman won it.  


Jake Crist vs. Brian Kendrick 

I also completely missed Kendrick getting outted as a Holocaust denier. That’s why he’s slumming it here on Knucklehead, on Santa Monica. He still looks in decent shape. Maybe he’s hoping it’ll all blow over. Crist, who booked the show, went over. Quelle surprise.  


Zachary Wentz’s Treehouse of Dreams 



This looked like complete dogshit 


Vinnie Massaro vs. Big Alice Crowley 

This was ok but had some issues down the stretch. Alice got KOd by that Snoring Elbow. Game over. 


Tag Match 

Sinner & Saint (Travis Williams & Judas Icarus) Vs State of Emergency (Sebastian Wolfe & Miles Deville) 

This was really good Canadian Wrestling. Fair play to the lads. I only knew Judas Icarus but they all looked decent. ***¼  


Circle 6 Strap 

Zachary Wentz (c) vs. Titus Alexander 

Wentz referring to himself as “the champ” when he’s literally booked on the lowest dirt rung Shindie is funny to me. He’s obviously too good for this level but hey, that’s what happens when you think Adolf Hitler is funny. Titus comes direct from GCW where apparently he disappointed WWE’s scouts. This wasn’t a bad match. Not as good as the tag.  


AJ Gray’s Power Hour 


Calvin Tankman vs. Juicy Finau 

Some serious beef in here. I fear for the ring. It squeaks loudly every time someone hits the ropes. Tankman hasn’t had a good match this weekend. Surely he should be less cautious against Big Juicy. I’m waiting for the inevitable ring collapse. Finau misses off the top and eats the Hidden Blade for the pin. This wasn’t very good. Tankman 0-3 this weekend.  


Big Damo vs. Jacob Fatu 

When I was last watching Damo was in WWE but injured.  

Somewhat of a fall from grace. These guys are significantly more mobile than the previous two. Damo’s shotgun dropkick looks like he’s been speeded up, compared to Big Juicy. Damo puts in a shift to be fair to the big man.  

He gets a sweat on and gives the punters their money’s worth. I think it’s $6, so that’s a bargain. As far as matches in pub car parks go, I’ve seen worse. Right before this one, for example. Fatu hits a popup Samoan Drop and the moonsault finishes. This was good. I liked it.  


Jake Something vs. AJ Gray 

The tonnage has been reduced for this one. These boys are around 240lbs but still Large Men.  

We get a tour of the venue as they throw some haymakers. It’s a donnybrook. They do stupid things like AJ having a leg injury and then his comeback involves a Tennessee Jam and a spin kick. Can you just not do that? I generally like the match because it’s two big lads slapping each other around. The finish also stinks. AJ won’t come out of the ropes and then just hits a lariat for the pin. This could have been good, if they’d not done the leg angle and had a good finish.  


The 411: 

Circle 6 is far from perfect but has provided a nice little low-level distraction from the standard GCW Collective business. It helps that I really like the low rent shitty venue. I would rather watch wrestling in a pub car park over a stadium any day of the week.  

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