March 30, 2023

Circle 6 Wrestling: Brother Can Ya Spare a Dime Presented by Queer Punk Outlaws (3.30.23) review

Circle 6 Wrestling: Brother Can Ya Spare a Dime Presented by Queer Punk Outlaws  


March 30, 2023 


I’m not 100% sure this is even going to happen. We’re 8 minutes before show time here and neither YouTube nor Twitch channel is live. Circle 6 is a pretty major shindie, so it may never work. Time will tell. If you’re reading this, it happened! I’m not even sure what the name of the show is. It was advertised as Brother Can Ya Spare a Dime, but the Twitch schedule has it listed as Queer Punk Outlaws.  The title I’ve used is what I think the full title of the show is. 


The drama continues as it’s revealed the show is outdoors and it’s RAINING. So, they’re late starting. Keeping in mind the first two shows were designed to slot between Santino Bros and Bloodsport. So, if you were watching at home it would fill that void. Now people will be turning over before the show is finished.  

We get a countdown, about 20 minutes after the show is due to start, and then they bump the timer up because it’s not enough time for it to stop raining. 50 people on the edge of their seats here!  

This sits on the screen for a bit and, suddenly, without warning we’re live.


Oh Jesus. What a turn out.  


Delightful Dan vs. Mick Moretti 

The commentary is really quiet, which on the plus side means I can’t hear Kevin Gill. Dan has a circus clown gimmick and likes to squeal a lot. Moretti is a goofball from Australia. He’s a good wrestler but can also do comedy so we’re doing the latter. It’s funny for the most part but very rushed and Moretti wins with a curb stomp.  


The technical issues here are great. The microphone stops working. You can’t hear commentary. Wonderful.  



Out comes a mime stripper.  

Oh god, he gets naked. I’ll spare your eyes.


Circle 6 Rumble 

THEY’VE PUT A RUMBLE ON A SHOW THAT STARTED 45 MINUTES LATE AND ONLY HAS AN HOUR TIME BLOCK. Is this the greatest wrestling promotion of all time? There are a bunch of wacky Indie wrestler gimmicks here.  

There’s Ron Voyage! An Escort Superhero! Vinnie Massaro! Some absolute bums! Jimmy Townsend has backpacked here from Australia. It’s fair to say there are a few mistakes out here but I’m having a blast. I can’t tell who most of the people are due to the microphone having water in it. Someone gets pinned and the producer misses it. It comes down to Vinnie Massaro and “Big” Al Crowley. Not Alan, as is misheard in the Discord, but Alice. Big Al gets a reversal and poor Vinnie gets lobbed out. This was terrible but, somehow, a delight. Really low, shit tier wrestling is wonderful.  


Dark Sheik vs. Robert Martyr 

Dark Sheik shows up in Raven cosplay. I was hoping Sheik was going to do nothing but Raven spots. Sadly it doesn’t happen.  

Dark Sheik just fucks around here and I’m fine with that. There’s like 20 people here. Go nuts. The bloke earlier got his arse out.  

The crowd politely applaud, but the match is quite bad. Sheik breaks out the drop toehold onto a chair, which is awesome, but they fuck up the DDT onto the chair. Should have just hit it. Even Flow without the chair is deadly. Raven cosplay aside, this wasn’t the best of main events.  


The 411: 

Awesome. Best venue ever. Fucking hilarious. Five star entertainment. You can watch Circle 6 on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook Live this weekend. Please do.  

Image credit: @martinothx on Twitter. Outstanding work.

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