July 12, 2023

Mid-South Wrestling TV (9.14.85) review 

Mid-South Wrestling TV (9.14.85) review 

We’re in Shreveport, Indiana. Hosts are Bill Watts and Boyd Pierce.  

This is Boyd. He was one of Mid South’s announcers in the early 80s. He didn’t stick around for UWF. Bill Watts has Jim Duggan, Dick Murdoch and Butch Reed. Ric Flair has said he’ll only face the North-American champion the next time he’s in Mid-South. That’s currently Murdoch and he apologies to Butch but he won’t be getting a shot at the NWA belt.  


They go to a music video for Al Perez. Bits of him in the ring interspersed with him working out and dining with his lady friend. It’s very 1980s. Powerfully so.  

Al Perez approves of this vintage.  


Bill Dundee & Dutch Mantell vs. Al Perez & Wendell Cooley 

This doesn’t appear to be for Perez & Cooley’s tag belts. Dutch is looking sharp and aggressive. He’s got snap on everything he does. This is the Dutch Mantell that got over with me. The one who wrestled Butch Reed? No idea who that guy was. The heels and Perez are all on their game but Cooley just eats heat. Dutch goes after his whip but Cooley gets it and Perez lays out Dundee with the German suplex. An exciting and well put together match. It went about 7 minutes. Everyone looked good. Thumbs up! **½ 


Backstage: Oliver Humperdink has been called upon to explain Barbarian’s turn. He says a lot of nothing and claims Barbarian is of the same blood as Humongous. Bill Watts steps off to suggest the team might be the best in wrestling. It’s two massive greenhorns.  


Lord Humongous & The Barbarian vs. Jimmy Backlund & Kent Glover 

This evil team came about when Barbarian turned heel on a bloodied Jake Roberts last week. Glover looks like the guy from concessions took his shirt off. Jimmy Backlund is the very ginger future Jimmy Del Ray. A Hart Attack off the ropes finish Del Ray and the crowd chant for Jake Roberts. Squasheroonie! 


Jake Roberts vs. Paul Brown 

Roberts is still carrying the scars from last week. Brown is a jobber and Jake treats him as such before drilling Paul with the DDT and crawling over his corpse to yell into the camera. Holy shit, this whole thing was electric. Jake was mega-over with the fans and he was channelling his hate from that heel turn into decimating a jobber. Good stuff. 


El Corsario vs. Pat Rose 

Savio Vega in action again here, against career jobber Pat Rose. Bill Watts goes off on an unhinged rant about Puerto Rico as he believes the USA should cut off any and all support to them. Calm down Daily Mail reader! “I find it hard to talk without prejudice” says Watts. No shit. He calls El Corsario a terrorist! Rose is agile and can take Savio’s wacky kicks and stuff. A superkick finishes Rose off in short order. This was fun but really short. 


Steve Williams vs. Carl Stiles 

Stiles is big. He’s 6’3” but looks doughy. Doc just bullies him and finishes with the Oklahoma Stampede. Another squash and another fun one!  


The Fantastics vs. Jerry Grey & Larry Clark 

A 45-minute TV block and they squeeze six matches into it. I’m all for it. The shorter wrestling is, the better. I love all the ladies lining up to hug the Fantastics. Ladykillers. If they weren’t so darn good they’d probably get booed more. Rogers splashes Clarke in short order. Another squash.  


Music video: the Midnight Rider.  

This is madness. He drives a monster truck, a helicopter and a motorbike. Proving that wrestling fans like to see wrestlers drive big vehicles. I think, but I’m not sure, that it’s Bill Watts himself under the mask. Dusty Rhodes famously wrestled as the Midnight Rider, as did Sam Houston.  


The 411: 

I’m going to find it hard to justify watching Mid-South TV. While it is a fun show to watch, it’s mostly squash matches designed to draw people into the live shows. That said, the music videos and the booking is a delight. Plus this way I get to hear Cowboy Bill Watts takes on foreigners he doesn’t care for.  

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