January 12, 2020

AFPod #5 (Wrestle Kingdom spectacular)

Hi, Arn here. Today I sat down with Aqeel (@AqeelK94) to discuss Wrestle Kingdom. Both nights in fair degree of detail. As per usual I’ve done NO editing at all. It’s the raw call from the opening echoey bit before I plugged my headphones in to me having to bail early because my wife brought me a bacon sandwich and I didn’t want it to get cold. Enjoy!



00:00: Random chatter (headphones, Zero1, nicopro)

03:00: “Do you want to talk about Tessa Blanchard?”

06:00: Wrestle Kingdom Overview

09:45: Manabu Nakanishi retirement

12:45: Jushin Liger retirement

19:00: FinJuice vs. GOD

24:00: Archer vs. Mox

28:30: Hiromu vs. Ospreay

32:00: Jay White vs. Naito (in which I convince Aqeel this match is bad)

43:15: Okada vs. Ibushi

50:00: WKN2. Okada vs. Naito

56:45: KENTA post match

60:00: Jericho vs. Tanahashi

66:00: NJPW/AEW potential link

70:00: Jay White vs. Kota Ibushi “was very, very bad”

71:45: KENTA vs. Hirooki Goto

76:30: Minoru Suzuki

80:00: Zack Sabre Jr vs. SANADA

82:00: New Year Dash

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